How to install Nginx under docker

  • 2020-12-09 01:10:54
  • OfStack

1. Environmental description

docker: 18.03.1-ce nginx: 1.15.1

2. Pull the latest Nginx image

Pull the mirror

$ docker pull nginx

View the current image

$ docker images
#  Query results: 
nginx    latest  8b89e48b5f15 7 hours ago  109MB

3. Preparation

This time, the web service is deployed under the /srv/web directory:

3.1 Create /srv/web directory and enter it

$ cd /srv && mkdir web && cd web

3.2 Create any Nginx container and copy the default configuration of Nginx:

Create containers:

$ docker run -d --name nginx nginx
 Copy configuration files from the container to local: 
#  To view  ==>  Access to the container ID
$ docker container ls
#  Create a directory under the current directory: conf 
$ mkdir conf
#  Copy container  Nginx  Default configuration file to the local current directory  conf  directory 
$ docker cp a89b2c5f3dd1:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf $PWD/conf
 Delete container: 
#  Stop the container 
$ docker container stop a89b2c5f3dd1
#  Remove the container 
$ docker container rm a89b2c5f3dd1

4. Start formal deployment

Deployment command:

$ docker run -d -p 8081:80 --name nginx-web-6666 -v $PWD/html:/usr/share/nginx/html -v $PWD/conf/nginx.conf:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf -v $PWD/logs:/var/log/nginx nginx
 Command details: 
-d #  Said in 1 Run the container directly in the background 
-p 8081:80 #  The port is mapped to local 8081 Ports are mapped inside the container 80 port 
--name #  Sets the name of the container to be created 
-v #  Local directory ( file ) Mount to container specified directory; 

5. Test

5.1 test

The & # 8203; If it is a local test deployment, open localhost:8081 to access the web server;

5.2 added:

The & # 8203; Since the root directory of nginx in the container is mounted to the local directory, the page accessed above should report 403 errors. Next we can start our project at /srv/web/html/;

5.3 Enter the local directory: /srv/web/html/ Create test file index.html

$ cd /srv/web/html
#  Create and write content   Refresh the page 
$ vim index.html


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