php is often introduced with the Stream function set

  • 2020-06-19 09:53:46
  • OfStack

stream_bucket_append function: Adds data to the queue
stream_bucket_make_writeable function: Returns 1 data object from the queue of operations
stream_bucket_new function: Creates 1 new data for the current queue
stream_bucket_prepend function: Prepares data to the queue
stream_context_create function: Creates a data flow context
stream_context_get_default function: Gets the default data flow context
stream_context_get_options function: Gets the Settings for the data flow
stream_context_set_option function: Sets the data flow, packet, or context
stream_context_set_params function: Sets parameters for the data flow, packet, or context
stream_copy_to_stream function: Copy between data streams
stream_filter_append function: Add a filter to the data flow
stream_filter_prepend function: Adds a filter to the data flow prep
stream_filter_register function: Registers a filter for a data stream and executes as the PHP class
stream_filter_remove function: Removes the filter from 1 data stream
stream_get_contents function: Reads the remaining data in the data stream into a string
stream_get_filters function: returns a list of registered data flow filters
stream_get_line function: Gets the row from the data stream resource with the given delimiter
stream_get_meta_data function: Gets the header/metadata from the wrapper protocol file pointer
stream_get_transports function: Returns a list of registered Socket transports
stream_get_wrappers function: Returns a list of registered data streams
stream_register_wrapper function: Registers an URL wrapper protocol implemented with the PHP class
stream_select function: Receives an array of data streams and waits for their state to change
stream_set_blocking function: Sets 1 data stream to a blocked or non-blocked state
stream_set_timeout function: Timeout for data flow
stream_set_write_buffer function: Sets the buffer for the data flow
stream_socket_accept function: Accepts the Socket connection created by the function stream_ socket_server()
stream_socket_client function: Opens an Socket connection to the network or UNIX host
stream_socket_enable_crypto function: Turn on or off data encryption for 1 Socket that is already connected
stream_socket_get_name function: Gets the name of local or network Socket
stream_socket_pair function: Creates two undifferentiated Socket data flow connections
stream_socket_recvfrom function: Gets data from Socket, whether it is connected or not
stream_socket_sendto function: Sends data to Socket whether it is connected or not
stream_socket_server function: Create a network or UNIX Socket server
stream_wrapper_restore function: recovers 1 packet that was previously logged off
stream_wrapper_unregister function: Unregister 1 URL address packet

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