Startup of Oracle 9i database after abnormal shutdown

  • 2020-06-01 11:12:37
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The ORACLE tutorial you are looking at is: boot after the unusual shutdown of the Oracle 9i database. Oracle database starts

When Oracle shutdown was suddenly cut off, resulting in the failure to connect to the database when using sql/plus startup. The specific description is as follows:

connection can not permitted, shut in progress.

Go to the dos prompt and type:

c: \ > sqlplus /nolog


sql/plus: Realease9. 0.2... . all rights reserved

sql > connect /as sysdba

Displays the connection to the idle routine

sql > startup displays shutdown in progress.

Connect to sqlplus:

sys/ manager@orcl92 displays the message connected successfully.

Sql: select * from tab;

Display norows selected;

Indication: database not started. Later, I consulted relevant information and came up with a solution:

Go to the dos prompt and type:

c:\ > sqlplus /nolog

Display sql/plus: Realease9. 0.2... . all rights reserved

sql > connect /as sysdba

Displays the connection to the idle routine

sql > startup force

Display: enabled. The database has started normally.

You can also stop oraclehome92 service in windows services, then start oracle enterprise manager console, select start independently, select database, click orcl(global database name), the dialog box will pop up, enter user name system password password, connect identity: sysdba, select routine, configure, and change the routine state to close before opening under the general information label. If oraclehome92 service is prompted to stop, the problem can also be solved by starting the service up and starting the database again.

Attachment: startup force forces the startup of a database that is not closed or not started properly; Procedure: close the instance before starting it.

Startup restrict starts the database in restricted mode, thereby restricting access to the database so that only users with restricted session privileges can connect to the database

alter system [enable/disable] restricted session after the database is opened, the statement turns on or off access restrictions. If you want to make changes to the main structure or want to export 1 uniqueness, you should set the database to restricted mode. You can change the availability of the database with the alter system [enable/disable] restricted session command only if you have the alter system permission.

When an instance is started in nomount state, only the view that sga is reading from can be accessed. Dictionary view of data read from sga for v$thread,v$controlftle, and so on. When the database is assembled, information about v$thread,v$controlftle and so on is read from the control file.

Analysis: when the database is closed abnormally, shutdown does not exit from the program. Therefore, when shutdown is detected when the instance is started, the system will report an error. So you need to close the database before you start it.

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