Realization of Picgo drawing bed tool with Python

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Directory 1. PyPicGo1, Installation 2, Configuration 3, Use 4, Supported Bed 5, Supported Plug-in 6, Uploader Uploader 7, Plug-in System 8, Development

1. PyPicGo

PyPicGo is a drawing bed tool, but PicGo is the implementation of Python version, and supports various plug-in custom plug-ins. At present, PyPicGo comes with gitee, github, SM. MS and 7 Niuyun pictures, as well as rename, notify and typora plug-ins, and supports downloading other plug-ins and Uploader from pypi

Source address:



1. Installation

pip install pypicgo

2. Configuration

The configuration file is located in the /$HOME/.PyPicGo/config.yml Directory, adopt YAML Configure in the way of. You must configure the uploader uploader , plug-ins plugins Optional quantity of

default: #  Default configuration 

  uploader: gitee #  Default chart bed 

  plugins: #  Global plug-in 

    - module: pypicgo.plugins.rename.ReNamePlugin #  Graphic bed plug-in loading address 


        format: liunx{hash}chenghaiwen{date}-{filename}

    - module: pypicgo.plugins.typora.TyporaPlugin

    - module: pypicgo.plugins.compress.CompressPlugin

    - module: pypicgo.plugins.notify.NotifyPlugin

uploaders: #  Available drawing bed 

  smms: # Graphic bed configuration 

    module: pypicgo.uploaders.smms.uploader.SmmsUploader


      secret_token:  xxx

  gitee: # gitee  Graphic bed configuration 

    module: pypicgo.uploaders.gitee.uploader.GiteeUploader



      owner: xxx

      repo: xxx

      img_path: xxx

      access_token: xxx


  github: # github Graphic bed configuration 

    module: pypicgo.uploaders.github.uploader.GithubUploader



      owner: xxx

      repo: xxx

      img_path: xxx

      oauth_token: xxx

    plugins: # github  Graphic bed private plug-in 

      - module: pypicgo.plugins.jsdelivr.JsDelivrPlugin 

  qiniu: #7 Configuration of cattle cloud picture bed 

      moduele: pypicgo.uploaders.qiniu.uploader.QiNiuUploader



        bucket_name: pypicgo



        access_key: xxx

        secret_key:  xxxx

Refer to the documentation for more configuration instructions

3. Use

Help information

pypicgo -h

Upload a file

pypicgo -f picture1 picture2 ...

Specify the bed for uploading pictures

pypicgo -n github -f picture1 picture2 ...

If the system can't find it pypicgo , please check python Adj. Scripts Is the folder added Path Environment variable

4. Supported map bed

图床名 模块地址
gitee pypicgo.uploaders.gitee.uploader.GiteeUploader
7牛云 pypicgo.uploaders.github.uploader.QiNiuUploader
github pypicgo.uploaders.qiniu.uploader.GithubUploader
SM.MS pypicgo.uploaders.smms.uploader.SmmsUploader

5. Supported plug-ins

插件名称 用途 windows linux mac
rename 上传前重命名图片 支持 支持 支持
notify 上传成功失败的系统通知 支持 支持 支持
typora typora编辑器支持 支持 支持 支持
compress 图片上传前压缩 支持 支持 支持
jsdelivr github CDN 加速 支持 支持 支持
clipboard 上传完成将远程地址复制到剪切板 支持 支持 支持

6. Uploader uploader

uploader Is a specific upload plug-in, and users need to inherit pypicgo.core.base.uploader.CommonUploader And implement YAML0 Method, and then reference it in the configuration file.

7. Plug-in system

PyPicgo There are three supported plug-ins before , after And final

插件类型 运行时间 基类类 示例插件 运行时入参
before 在图片上传前运行 pypicgo.core.base.plugin.BeforePlugin rename File
after 在图片上传后运行 pypicgo.core.base.plugin.AfterPlugin notify Result
final 在所有图片上传后运行 pypicgo.core.base.plugin.FinallyPlugin typora List[Result]

If you want to customize the plug-in, just inherit any 1 base class plug-in as required, and implement the execute method, and in config.yml You can use the configuration in.

8. Development

git clone

cd pypicgo

pipenv shell

pipenv install

python -n  Drawing bed name  -f img1.jpg img2.jpg

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