python implements file backup script under windows

  • 2020-10-23 20:09:04
  • OfStack

Backup files under windows using python scripts, refer to A Byte of Python3 chapter 101 (Page59).

# -*- coding: cp936 -*- 
import os 
import time 
source = ['E:\\'] #  The backup file is in E Under the root directory  
running = True 
while running: 
  your_source = raw_input("Your own path or your own file path:") 
  # If you are using input() When entering the pathname after run, you need to add it to both sides " " , the following input In the same way  
  # Like you want to back up E Under the plate zipme In the folder hello.txt File, should be entered zipme\\hello.txt 
  if raw_input("Do you want to add file or folder(y/n):")=='n': 
    running = False 
target_dir = 'E:\\backup\\' # Backup the path where the generated files are stored  
# A compressed file that is generated with the current date and time as the file name  
target = target_dir+\ 
# use zip Command compression file  
zip_command = "zip -qr {0} {1}".format(target, ''.join(source)) 
# The compression command is executed by passing parameters to the system WinRAR With the file rar.exe To perform compression)  
if os.system(zip_command) == 0: 
  print('Successful backup to',target) 
  print('Backup FAILED') 

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