Python IDEL adds clear screen instances

  • 2020-06-07 04:42:18
  • OfStack

Clear screen idle increase 1 for the extension of ClearWindow is ok (in http: / / bugs. python. org/issue6143 can see this extension).
Here's how the installation works. Download clearwindow. py (right click to download directly, can't download can save, format for py) at the end, put the file on Python X \ Lib \ idlelib directory (X python version) for you, and then found in the directory config - extensions. def this file (idle configuration file extensions), open it in notepad (to prevent error, you can open it before copy1 a backup). Well, it might look a bit cluttered when you open it, but if you can, you'd better use an editor like Notepad++ or vim to open it.

Open ES27en-ES28en.def and add the following at the end of the sentence:


Then save and exit.

Open idle for python and see if options has one more option

If this is the case, then you have successfully installed the screen, in the future to clear the direct ctrl+L will be fine.

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