Python implements the website registration verification code generation class

  • 2020-06-03 07:07:30
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This article shares the specific code of Python website registration verification code generation class for your reference, the specific content is as follows

# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
Created on 2017 years 4 month 7 day 

@author: Water
import os
import random
import string
import sys
import math
from PIL import Image,ImageDraw,ImageFont,ImageFilter
from django.conf import settings

# Font locations vary from version to version of the system 
font_path = os.path.join('/home/workspace/aofeiKart/static', 'fonts/monaco.ttf')#settings.STATIC_ROOT, 'fonts/MONACO.TTF')
font_path = os.path.join(settings.STATIC_ROOT, 'fonts/monaco.ttf')
# print font_path
# Generate a captcha of a few digits 
number = 4
# The height and width of the generated captCHA image 
size = (100,30)
# Background color, default to white 
bgcolor = (255,255,255)
# Font color, default to blue 
fontcolor = (0,0,255)
# Interference line color. Default is red 
linecolor = (255,0,0)
# Whether to add interference lines 
draw_line = True
# Add the upper and lower limits of the number of interfering lines 
line_number = (1,5)
# For random generation 1 A string 
# source = list(string.ascii_lowercase+'1234567890')
source = list('1234567890')
def gene_text():
#   return '6666'
  return ''.join(random.sample(source,number))#number Is the number of bits that generate the captcha 
# Used to draw interference lines 
def gene_line(draw,width,height):
  begin = (random.randint(0, width), random.randint(0, height))
  end = (random.randint(0, width), random.randint(0, height))
  draw.line([begin, end], fill = linecolor)
# Generate verification code 
def gene_code():
  width,height = size # Width and height 
  image ='RGBA',(width,height),bgcolor) # Create a picture 
  font = ImageFont.truetype(font_path,25) # The font of the captcha 
  draw = ImageDraw.Draw(image) # Create a brush 
  text = gene_text() # Generate string 
  font_width, font_height = font.getsize(text)
  draw.text(((width - font_width) / number, (height - font_height)/number),text,
      font= font,fill=fontcolor) # Fill string 
  if draw_line:
  image = image.transform((width+20,height+10), Image.AFFINE, (1,-0.3,0,-0.1,1,0), Image.BILINEAR) # Create distortions 
  image = image.filter(ImageFilter.EDGE_ENHANCE_MORE) # Filter, boundary enhancement 
  image_file = text+'.png'
  image_path = os.path.join(settings.STATIC_ROOT, 'images/%s'%image_file) # Save the captcha image 
  return ''%image_file, text

if __name__ == "__main__":
  print gene_code()

The implementation process is simple, and there are two main points to note:

1. Install the PIL library and set the fonts to save the directory

2. If the binary data stream of the image is returned directly, the following is true:

buf = io.BytesIO() #io.BytesIO() #io.StringIO() use it to fill str obj, 'png')
request.session['captcha'] = text.lower() 

return HttpResponse(buf.getvalue(), 'image/png') # return the image data stream as image/jpeg format, browser will treat it as an image

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