Example of how python implements the addition and subtraction of list elements by keyword

  • 2020-06-03 07:06:56
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This article illustrates how python can add and subtract list elements by keyword. To share for your reference, specific as follows:

Elements in Python list are added or subtracted by keywords:

# coding=utf-8
#  two list Add or subtract keywords 
def ListAdd(list1, list2, bAdd = True):
  if bAdd == False:
    list2 = [(k, -v) for (k, v) in list2]
  d = {}
  list0 = list1 + list2
  for (k, v) in list0:
    d.setdefault(k, 0)   #  Sets the initial value of the dictionary element 
    d[k] += v        #  Add the elements in the dictionary by keyword 
  ret = list(d.items())    #  Dictionary conversion to list
  ret = sorted(ret)      #  right list The sorting 
  return ret
if __name__ == '__main__':
  a = [("s1", 10), ("s2", 13), ("s3", 25), ("s7", 30)]
  b = [("s1", 22), ("s3", 16), ("s10", 8)]
  print("a=", a)
  print("b=", b)
  ret1 = ListAdd(a, b)    # ret1 = a + b
  print("ret1=", ret1)
  ret2 = ListAdd(a, b, False) # ret2 = a - b
  print("ret2=", ret2)


a= [('s1', 10), ('s2', 13), ('s3', 25), ('s7', 30)]
b= [('s1', 22), ('s3', 16), ('s10', 8)]
ret1= [('s1', 32), ('s10', 8), ('s2', 13), ('s3', 41), ('s7', 30)]
ret2= [('s1', -12), ('s10', -8), ('s2', 13), ('s3', 9), ('s7', 30)]

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I hope this article has been helpful in Python programming.

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