Python implements a method that finds matches for processing and replaces them back

  • 2020-06-03 07:05:16
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This article illustrates the Python implementation of finding matches, processing them, and then replacing them back. To share for your reference, specific as follows:

Python is implemented here to replace the original match after processing the found match appropriately.

# coding=GBK
import re
#  right m The result is returned after proper processing 
def fun(m):
  print("in: %s"
  ret =[::-1]
  return ret
src = "what [can] I do for can you[can] come on"
pat = "(?<=
#print(, src).group(1))
#result = re.sub(pat,lambda[::-1], src)
#  use lambda
result1 = re.sub(pat, lambda[::-1], src)
print("result1: %s\n" %result1)
#  in re.sub Functions used in 
result2 = re.sub(pat, fun, src)
print("result2: %s" %result2)

Operation output:

[zcm@python #112]$./
result1: what [NAC] I do for can you[NAC] come on
in: can
in: can
result2: what [NAC] I do for can you[NAC] come on
[zcm@python #113]$

See, everything that matches "[can]" has been "capitalized and inverted".

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I hope this article has been helpful in Python programming.

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