Python example of a method to calculate the number of days between two dates

  • 2020-06-01 10:21:14
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This example shows how Python calculates the number of days between two dates. I will share it with you for your reference as follows:

import time
import sys
def dateinput():
    date = raw_input('please input the first date: ')
    return date
def datetrans(tdate):
    spdate = tdate.replace("/","-")
        datesec = time.strptime(spdate,'%Y-%m-%d')
    except ValueError:
        print "%s is not a rightful date!!" % tdate
    return time.mktime(datesec)
def daysdiff(d1,d2):
    daysec = 24 * 60 * 60
    return int(( d1 - d2 )/daysec)
date1 = dateinput()
date2 = dateinput()
date1sec = datetrans(date1)
date2sec = datetrans(date2)
print "The number of days between two dates is: ",daysdiff(date1sec,date2sec)

PS: here are some other online tools for calculating dates and days that you can use:

Online date/days calculator:

Online calendar:

Online lunar/solar calendar conversion tool:

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I hope this article is helpful for you to design Python program.

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