Data types in Python objects

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For python, everything is an object, all the data stored in the program is an object, and the object is created based on the class

Computers can process far more than just Numbers. They can also process text, graphics, audio, video, web pages, and other kinds of data. Different types of data need to be defined.

class for custom types, type for built-in types. They both represent data types, and they're just called differently

Each object has an identity, a type, and a value. An identity is a pointer to the object's location in memory (the address in memory). The built-in function id() returns the identity of an object. The variable name is the name that refers to the specific location

Instantiation: creating objects of a specific type

Once an instance is created, its identity and type are immutable

If the object value can be modified, it is called a mutable object
An object whose value cannot be modified is called an immutable object

Container: an object contains references to other objects, such as lists.

python is a strongly typed language. The type of the object determines the operations that the object can participate in or the methods it supports.
Most objects have a large number of unique data properties and methods

Properties: values associated with an object, such as variable names

Method: a function that will perform some operation on the object when called

>>> name='test'
>>> name.upper() -- methods 
>>> num = 1
>>> print(num.real) -- attribute 
help(type) --  See what methods or properties a type has 
>>> help(int)
help(type.func) --  Find the usage of a method 
>>> help(str.find) 
 Using point ( . The) operator can access properties and methods 
print(type(obj)) --  See which class the object was created from  
>>> from twisted.internet import reactor
>>> print(type(reactor))

Core data type

The Numbers: int long, float complex, bool (0: False, 1: True)

Character: str unicode

List: list

Tuples: tuple

Dictionary: dict

File: file

Others: set (collection), frozeset, class type, None

The above is the data type of Python object introduced to you by this site. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please leave a message to me.

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