Summary of common Python installation Module methods

  • 2020-05-30 20:34:03
  • OfStack

1. Method 1: single file module

Copy the file directly to $python_dir/Lib

2. Method 2: multi-file module with

Download the module package, extract it, enter the module folder, and execute:

python install1

3. Method 3: easy_install

To download ez_setup py


python ez_setup1

After installing the easy_install tool, you can install package using easy_install.

 easy_install packageName
 easy_install package.egg1

4. Method 4: pip mode

First, install the pip tool:

  easy_install pip1
 ( pip  Can be achieved by easy_install  And it will be installed  Scripts  Under the folder.) 

Ann � :

pip install PackageName1


pip install -U PackageName1


pip uninstall PackageName1


pip search PackageName

The above is the site to introduce you Python common installation of Module summary, I hope to help you, if you have any questions welcome to give me a message, this site will timely reply to you!

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