Python programming method to modify the name of the MP3 file

  • 2020-05-30 20:28:38
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This article illustrates how the Python program can modify the MP3 file name. I will share it with you for your reference as follows:

Recently, I have just started to learn Python. By the way, I have exercised my mind to write a small function, which is specially used to correct the name of mp3 songs downloaded from the Internet

ModifyMp3FileInfo(r'E:/ music /12345.mp3')

Python code:

#! Modify downloaded Mp3 The file name is called correct Mp3 file 
 def ModifyMp3FileInfo(filename):
   mp3Id3V1 = {
     f = open(filename,'rb'),2)
     sdata =
     if sdata == 'TAG':,2)
       sdata =
       for tag,subitem in mp3Id3V1.items():
         subitem["value"] = sdata[subitem["valuepos"][0]:subitem["valuepos"][1]].replace('/00','').strip()
         print '%s='%tag,'%s'%subitem["value"],'/n'
       import os
       if mp3Id3V1["SongName"]["value"]!='':
         test = [os.path.dirname(filename),'//']
         newfilename = ''.join(test)
         print newfilename
         if os.path.exists(newfilename):
           test = ['Filename ',newfilename,' Has Existed']
           print ''.join(test)
           except WindowsError,e:
             if e.winerror:
               print 'Modify filename failed ,maybe the file is inuse'
               print 'UnKnown error'
       print 'Is not a MP3 file'
   except IOError:
     print 'Open file failed'

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I hope this article is helpful to you Python programming.

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