Python makes the spike encryption and decryption tool

  • 2020-05-19 05:01:14
  • OfStack

It has been a long time since I wrote a technical blog, because I have been learning knowledge recently and haven't summarized anything worth sharing, so I have stopped writing until now. The recent work and the development of nailing have been handed in. The official did not provide any SDK of Python, so I had to write all by myself. Now I will implement the relatively time-consuming "encryption/decryption/signature" part of the share, I hope to help 1 people.

The specific mechanism of encryption/decryption can be referred to the official documents.

To install this extension in your project, you can use: pip install dingtalk_crypto The installation.

To use it, refer to the following test code:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import json
from dingtalk_crypto import DingTalkCrypto

#  This is the testing data from the nailing authority 
# @see
encrypt_text = '1a3NBxmCFwkCJvfoQ7WhJHB+iX3qHPsc9JbaDznE1i03peOk1LaOQoRz3+nlyGNhwmwJ3vDMG' \
        '+OzrHMeiZI7gTRWVdUBmfxjZ8Ej23JVYa9VrYeJ5as7XM/ZpulX8NEQis44w53h1qAgnC3PRzM7Zc' \

crypto = DingTalkCrypto(

signature = '5a65ceeef9aab2d149439f82dc191dd6c5cbe2c0'
timestamp = '1445827045067'
nonce = 'nEXhMP4r'

class TestCrypto:
  def test_decrypt(self):
    randstr, length, msg, suite_key = crypto.decrypt(encrypt_text)
    msg = json.loads(msg)

    assert msg['EventType'] == 'check_create_suite_url'
    assert msg['Random'] == 'LPIdSnlF'
    assert suite_key == 'suite4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

  def test_encode(self):
    encrypt_msg = crypto.encrypt('hello world')
    randstr, length, msg, suite_key = crypto.decrypt(encrypt_msg)
    assert msg == 'hello world'

  def test_check_signature(self):
    assert crypto.check_signature(encrypt_text, timestamp, nonce, signature)

  def test_sign(self):
    msg = crypto.encrypt('hello world')
    actual_sig, actual_time, actual_nonce = crypto.sign(msg)
    assert True

Finally, posted the project source code address, hope to 1 some communication.

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