The list of list operation method summary in Python

  • 2020-04-02 13:58:49
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This article summarizes the common operations of lists in Python for your reference. Specific methods are as follows:

I. list created by Python:

sample_list = ['a',1,('a','b')]

Ii. Python list operation:

Suppose there is the following list:

sample_list = ['a','b',0,1,3]

1. Get a value in the list:

value_start = sample_list[0]
end_value = sample_list[-1]

2. Delete the first value of the list:

del sample_list[0]

3. Insert a value in the list:

sample_list[0:0] = ['sample value']

4. Get the length of the list:

list_length = len(sample_list)

5. List traversal:

for element in sample_list:

Python list advanced operations/techniques

1. Generate a list of increasing values:

num_inc_list = range(30)
#will return a list [0,1,2,...,29]

2. Initialize the list with a fixed value:

initial_value = 0
list_length = 5
sample_list = [ initial_value for i in range(10)]
sample_list = [initial_value]*list_length
# sample_list ==[0,0,0,0,0]

You can also build on this to further consolidate and deepen your understanding of Python list operations.

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