Jquery. UI. Draggable

  • 2020-03-29 23:46:17
  • OfStack

AddClasses: to set whether or not to add the ui-draggable style.
AppendTo: where do I append my appendTo
Axis: sets the direction of the drag
Cancel, handle: sets the area that controls the drag action of the entire control. Cancel specifies that the area cannot be dragged, and handle specifies that the area controls the drag of the control.
ConnectToSortable: needs to be integrated with sortable.
Containment: sets a drag-able range for the control
Cursor, cursorAt: sets the style of the mouse and the position of the relative space itself during the drag.
Delay, distance: sets the delay of dragging, delay sets the delay time, distance sets the delay distance, the purpose is to prevent the unintended drag caused by the wrong click.
Grid: sets the units to be moved by the drag process (in a small way)
Helper: sets the component that follows the mouse during the drag.
IframeFix: solves the problem of cascading events with the iframe while dragging.
Opacity: drag the opacity of the helper process.
RefreshPositions: during drop after set, the position is calculated every time the mouse moves.
Revert, revertDuration: sets undo to move correlation.
Scope: sets the draggable field to determine the target to put in when used in conjunction with the droppable.
Scroll, scrollSensitivity, scrollSpeed: set the scrollbar related problems in the dragging process.
Snap, snapMode, snapTolerance: sets the relevant properties for adsorption.
Stack, zIndex: sets the level of the control.

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