MyEclipse cancels two methods of validating Js

  • 2020-03-29 23:42:50
  • OfStack

Preface: Sometimes we feel very stuck when writing a web project related page through js, and it is not possible to modify the memory. Here are two solutions:

1. Select the current project, the properties, MyEclipse, validation, Excluded the Resource find need to void the verification of a file or folder.
2. Find some verification information configured in the.project file under the project path. Remove the following lines

The former method is not very practical, after you choose to remove the validation, the validation window will still pop up, and when you save the project will still be revalidated, which is also a slow process. Therefore, I recommend the latter, remove these lines of configuration and restart MyEclipse, at which point you will be asked if you want to restore javascript validation, or not.

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