Several solutions to the jquery caching problem

  • 2020-03-27 00:00:06
  • OfStack

Load method does not set the cache parameter default true, especially in Internet explorer, the general ajax method is cache equal to true!
1. Use the. Ajax method and set the cache parameter to false

$.ajaxSetup ({ cache: false }); 
$.ajaxSetup ({ cache: false }); 

Execute before each load method, note that it cannot be set to a global property

You can write a method that references this method every time you open a page

2. Modify the load method in jquery.js, which is also called. Ajax, and add cache:false
3. Add a random number parameter to the link you request, so that the ajax request is treated as a different link address
4. Use POST instead of GET. Browsers don't cache POST
Var url = "memberlog_showlogcomment.action?" Logid = "+ +" logid & random = "+ Math. The random ();
$(" # comment "). The load (url); Load: $("#comment").load(" memberlog_showlogcomment.action ", {"logid": logid});

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