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  • 2020-03-26 21:47:16
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There is no experience, there are lessons.

At this time someone will say, "depend, your ya half a bucket of water, with what teach us". Don't scold, but listen to me first.

Asking a college student to teach elementary math is no better than a junior high school student. Because college students have already passed that stage, they forget how to come. And for junior high school students, just through that stage, how to come to their own still remember, or there are some of their own summary. For example, a lot of experts think the rhino book is a good introduction, they think it's too easy, but in my experience, it's not the best way to get started.

First, let's talk about the conditions of learning js

In terms of conditions, we are liberal arts students, university professional business administration, and the computer MAO relations are not; Some people speak English, read four years of college, it is a pity that we have not been four grades; We are happy to learn on this condition, what are you waiting for.

Of course, there is a threshold to learn JS, is that your HTML and CSS at least relatively skilled, you can not even connect < Body> This east east is stem what all do not know to begin to go up JS, learn multiplication and division before, learn addition and subtraction always beneficial harmless.

A few words of advice

1. Don't be in a hurry to look at some complex web page effects of the code, so you can't learn anything but blow your self-confidence. Did not reach a certain level of martial arts, cut the small JJ will not learn sunflower treasure.

2, don't rush to add technology exchange QQ group, add cattle QQ. If you look for zhang sanfeng to exchange martial arts, you go up the first sentence to ask "feng ge, where is dantian? You'll be killed by a blow from him.

3, see the net what how many days proficient JS, what what what from the introduction to proficient, this tutorial directly skip, too many facts prove that, with a kind of impetuous mentality to do anything will end in failure.

4, do not go to what computer training, spend money and time not to say, the key is not to learn things. You could have bought two good books and taught yourself in three months, but they could have tortured you for two years.

Recommend some good books

"Exceed hair, your ya blew along while cow B, still did not say how to learn"

Ha ha, I also have no what special method, just recommend a few good books. The recommended books must be read in order of precedence. Don't rush into the second book before you finish the first one

Stage 1: the art of JavaScript DOM programming

Before you read this book, please make sure that you have a basic understanding of Javascript, and you should know the syntax like if or else. If you don't understand this book, please go to the first three chapters of Javascript advanced programming which I recommend in the second stage.

Learning Javascript introduction to using the Javascript DOM programming art to better, honestly look twice, finished you will have a ballpark knowledge of JS, the whole book examples around the effect of a web page, you follow honestly to knock a knock after, you will find that the effect is not often see in the web, found himself also can make to the effect of the Internet, hey hey, small with a sense of accomplishment.

Stage 2: JavaScript advanced programming

Some books are meant to be classics, like rhino books; There are other books that are meant to go beyond the classics, and this is clearly one of them. The book chapter classic, from the shallow into the deep, which chapter 6, about JS object-oriented explanation, no tutorial out of its right.

If there is a JS test out of 100, and "the art of JavaScript DOM programming" will get you 20 points, then after reading this book, you will get more than 60 points. After learning, you will have a double sense of accomplishment, trust me (at least read it twice, recommend three, follow the code line).

This book is highly recommended. It's so fucking awesome, it's worth a hundred times more to you.

The latest edition of this book is the third edition, which seems to have come out a few days ago. What I read is the second edition. The third edition has not changed much compared with the second edition.

Next, congratulations, you can go down the mountain and do something by yourself

You can go to (link: to see these effects he wrote, see the source code, how, if you feel that part is very simple, try to follow him to write these effects. Learning technology behind closed doors is not feasible, the appropriate plus one or two QQ group communication (pay attention to quality), often go to the forum, you will often have some small harvest. Then there is look at the predecessors predecessors share these cows, it will make you get twice the result with half the effort study, here are some enthusiasts collection of domestic cattle people blog, personal website, (link:

Stage 3: JavaScript language essence and high-performance JavaScript

The next two books "JavaScript language essence" and "high-performance JavaScript" is a JS advanced tutorial supplement, there are some content and JS advanced tutorial repetition, two books can be read at the same time, are not thick, can have a good strengthening and consolidation of the previous learned.

Stage 4: advanced programming of JavaScript DOM and JavaScript design mode

After you've finished the books mentioned above, the order of the next two books doesn't matter, "JavaScript DOM advanced programming" (note the difference between "JavaScript advanced programming") and "JavaScript design patterns", both of which are heavyweight books that can take your JS technology to the next level; In these two books, the former is mainly practicing external work, while the latter is mainly practicing internal work.

"JavaScript DOM advanced programming" first teaches you to build a similar to JQuery library of tools, and then through the introduction of a few practical often encountered examples of applications, will benefit beginners.

"JavaScript design mode" mainly about the design mode of JavaScript, to tell the truth, the quality of the translation is very general, a little stiff, but has basically not affected your learning, see the code can fully understand their own meaning.

These two books have been out for some time, may not be available, provide the download address:

(link:, note that there are three parts need to download.


The last thing I want to say

Not comfortable, not impetuous. Any learning is not an overnight, cattle B is a process of learning accumulation, don't expect two or three months, your level on how strong. Zhang sanfeng, rather than zhang wuji, is the most outstanding warrior in the dragon slaying. Any job requires a variety of skills, so don't forget to learn HTML, CSS, etc.

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