Js automatically generated elements and the original elements of the page stack solution

  • 2020-03-26 21:38:24
  • OfStack

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Commodities properties and specification is js dynamically generated element, two text boxes of commodity extension information is the original elements, they are stacked, I thought it was my generated div elements is not caused by fixed size, because commodity specifications the following check box is the second time the ajax generated, I wonder whether the second ajax pages can not be the original elements push down to the appropriate location.

Make for a few hours, try the size of a fixed element in the container div, but not fixed, the number of elements is indefinite, try changing the properties and specifications of the generated sequence, properties section pile to the part specifications, specifications of element how is not independent of location, then realized that would be floating, remove floating, to the original element (commodity extended information section) plus the clear: both; It worked.

Don't panic, don't be afraid of trouble, slowly deal with the problem.

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