8 super useful JavaScript frameworks are described in detail

  • 2020-03-26 21:37:27
  • OfStack


2. The jQuery UI
The jQuery UI is perfect for those who use the jQuery JS library to develop an App. When it comes to the jQuery UI, you have to mention the Kendo UI, which is very similar to it. The Kendo UI, which helps create native mobile and desktop applications, is slightly better than the Kendo UI, with a lot of optimizations for performance and ease of use.


3. Pointer. Js
Pointer. Js is the perfect tool for combining mouse and touch.


4. Quo JS
Quo JS is a lightweight, modular, object-oriented JavaScript library that defines a variety of touch gestures that can be used in mobile Web development to simplify HTML file traversal, event handling, and Ajax interactions, making it easy for developers to write efficient cross-browser code.




Kinetic Drag is a small jQuery plug-in that combines CSS animation with jQuery animation for Kinetic Drag on mobile and desktop devices.


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