PHP USES method overloading to implement get and set methods for dynamically creating properties

  • 2020-03-30 04:18:00
  • OfStack

In PHP, we can't override methods directly by signing different methods with the same method name, because PHP is a weak data type and doesn't distinguish signatures well. However, you can use the call() method to implement method reloading in your PHP classes. When calling a method that does not exist in a class, the method is called automatically with the form of arbitration call($name,$arguments) where $name is the name of the method and $arguments is an argument of type array.

The following example USES PHP's method overloading to dynamically create get and set methods. In object-oriented programming, properties in a class are assigned by get and set, but if there are too many properties in a class, like 30, then we need to write 30 set methods and 30 get methods without method overloading.

class person
 private $name;
 private $age;
 private $address;
 private $school;
 private $phonenum;
 public function __call($method,$args)
   return $this->$property;
$p=new person();
echo $p->getname().'\n';
echo $p->getage().'\n';
echo $p->getaddress().'\n';
echo $p->getschool().'\n';

Instead of writing a get set method for each property, you can easily solve this problem by using the successive call () method.

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