Js parent page and child pages are not displayed at the same time

  • 2020-03-30 04:06:51
  • OfStack

The example of this article describes the js parent page and child page not at the same time display method, can achieve a page open, the parent page DISABLE, after the child page closed, the parent page ENABLE. Share with you for your reference. Specific methods are as follows:

function onNewClick()
    var url = "VesselScheduleNEW.aspx";
    if (null!=newWin && newWin.closed) newWin=null;   
    if (null==newWin)     newWin=window.showModalDialog(url,"newwin","dialogWidth=1000px;dialogHeight=400px;help:no;center:yes;resizable:no;status:no;scroll:no");   
    if(newWin == "OK")

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