Jquery creates JSON objects from JSON strings

  • 2020-03-30 03:46:43
  • OfStack

<h2> through  JSON  String to create the object </h3>
First Name: <span id="fname"></span><br /> 
Last Name: <span id="lname"></span><br /> 
<script type="text/javascript">
//TXT is a string
var txt = '{"employees":[' +
'{"firstName":"Bill","lastName":"Gates" },' +
'{"firstName":"George","lastName":"Bush" },' +
'{"firstName":"Thomas","lastName":"Carter" }]}';
//Use the eval() method
//var obj = eval ("(" + txt + ")"); 
//JSON parsing
//obj = jQuery.parseJSON(txt);
obj = JSON.parse(txt);


PS: about json operation, here again for you to recommend a few more practical json online tools for your reference:

Online JSON code verification, verification, beautification, formatting tools:
(link: http://tools.jb51.net/code/json)

JSON online formatting tool:
(link: http://tools.jb51.net/code/jsonformat)

Online XML/JSON interconversion tool:
(link: http://tools.jb51.net/code/xmljson)

Json code online formatting/beautification/compression/editing/conversion tools:
(link: http://tools.jb51.net/code/jsoncodeformat)

Online json compression/escape tool:

(link: http://tools.jb51.net/code/json_yasuo_trans)

C language style /HTML/CSS/json code format beautification tool:
(link: http://tools.jb51.net/code/ccode_html_css_json)

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