Solve the problem of nuxt custom global method global attribute and global variable

  • 2021-09-12 00:22:34
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Note that this is still not available in asyncData, but it can be used in other life cycles such as mounted.

In asyncData, because I can't get this, he executed it before the component initialization. If I find a way, I will continue to update it to the next blog

Ok, now let's go to the steps. Add a new commom. js name to the plugins folder. You can choose your own name

commom. js test code

import Vue from 'vue'
var comsys= {
    Vue.prototype.comsys = {
     return val

Add in nuxt. config. js


   { src: '~/plugins/commom.js', ssr: false }

Referenced page addition

mounted () {  

Well, that's it ~

This is the instance method. Other attribute objects can refer to the official website of vue

Additional knowledge: The Nuxt project uses global variables, functions, and hybrid

When using the CSS preprocessing language in the Nuxt project, it is very necessary to add variables, functions or mixtures globally, which can be used anywhere in the project. What should I do?

Download @ nuxtjs/style-resources first

npm install @nuxtjs/style-resources

After that, add it in nuxt. config. js

 modules: [
 styleResources: {
  sass: [],
  scss: [],
  less: [],
  stylus: []

For example, if you use stylus preprocessing language, you have an variable. styl variable file under/asset/css, which can be like this

export default {
 modules: ['@nuxtjs/style-resources'],
 styleResources: {
  stylus: './assets/css/variable.styl'

You can change the path to. /assets/css/global/*. styl if you want to import more than one file globally. Just put the files you want to inject globally in the global directory


Path aliases such as ~ or @ cannot be used here

Never inject a real style file in this way. This way is only used to inject declarative content such as variables, functions, blends, etc., not real styles; If you do that, you will inject uncontrollable global styles into each component, and you will be confused

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