Jquery header single line information scroll display implementation ideas and code

  • 2020-03-30 03:29:12
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Here's how to control the scrolling, look up the scrolling, put it in a div or some other container, and I'm using < Dt>

#newCglist li{height:14px;padding-left:10px;}

Here is the container for the scrolling display

<dt class="positionrel" id="newCglist" ><div class="new positionabs"></div></dt>

Below is js, the query scroll display content

var divhight ; //This is the height of all rows, the height of each row * the amount of data
var showtimes ; // Time to display all data, time required per line * The amount of data 

function yejis(){
//The latest transaction case show
divhight = data.length*14;
showtimes = data.length*3000;
$ul = $("<ul></ul>");
$tr = $("<li>"+datas[0]+"  Sign the bill successfully!  "+datas[1]+" yuan  "+datas[2]+" "+datas[3]+"</li>");

Here is how to control the scrolling display time, as well as the style

*  Scroll at the top of the page, divhight  Is the row height of all the data 
* showtimes //The time it takes the loop to scroll through the data
* @param {Object} obj
* @memberOf {TypeName} 
function AutoScroll(obj){

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