Analysis on the principle advantages and disadvantages of bootstrap

  • 2021-08-05 08:14:41
  • OfStack

The realization principle of grid system is to define the container size, divide 12 parts equally (there are also 24 parts or 32 parts equally, but 12 parts are the most common), then adjust the inner and outer margins, and finally combine media query to make a powerful responsive grid system. The grid system in the Bootstrap framework divides the container into 12 equal parts.

Advantages and disadvantages of bootstrap:

1. bootstap recently released bootstrap4, with updates such as box-flex layout, keeping up with the latest web technology development

2. Mature, fully used and tested in a large number of projects

3. Have perfect documentation and make it easier to use

4. There are a large number of component styles, which are subject to customization


1. If you have your own special needs, you need to recustomize the style. If there are a large number of non-bootstrap "style" styles in a website, then you need to do a lot of css rewriting, so you lose the meaning of using the framework.

2. There will be compatibility problems. Although there are many ways to be compatible with IE on the Internet, other files need to be introduced, some of which are not small, which will inevitably lead to slow loading speed and affect user experience.

Above is this site to introduce the analysis of bootstrap principle and advantages and disadvantages, I hope to help you, if you have any questions welcome to leave me a message, this site will reply to you in time!

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