Simple implementation of js countdown function

  • 2021-07-21 06:10:44
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This article example for everyone to share the specific code of js countdown, mainly using JS Date object and timer setInterval, for your reference, the specific content is as follows

<!DOCTYPE html> 
 <title>  Countdown  </title> 
 <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> 
 <meta name="Generator" content="EditPlus"> 
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var timstr= '2020-09-03'; 
var _timer; 
// Executed after the page is loaded  
window.onload = function() 
 timerfunc();// Call timer  
 document.getElementById('timSpan').innerHTML = timstr; // Output the target time  
// Timer method  
timerfunc = function(){ 
 _timer = setInterval('tfunc()',1000);// Generate timer  
// Time processing method  
tfunc = function(){ 
 var ntim = new Date(); // Current timestamp  
 var _tm = timstr.replace(/-/g,'\/'); // In the target time field string - Replace with /, The need for formatting  
 var ftim = new Date(_tm); // Formatting target time  
 var rs = timGap(ntim.getTime(),ftim.getTime()); // Call the time difference method  
 var _str = rs.d+' Days '+rs.h+' Hours '+rs.m+' Minutes '+rs.s+' Seconds '; // Splice the returned data to a string  
 document.getElementById('gap').innerHTML = _str; // Output  
// Time difference taking method  
timGap = function(ntim,ftim){ 
 var date3 = ftim - ntim; // Time difference milliseconds  
 var days = Math.floor(date3/(24*3600*1000)); // Number of days  
 var level1 = date3%(24*3600*1000);// The number of milliseconds left after taking days  
 var hours = Math.floor(level1/(3600*1000)); // Fetch hours  
 var level2 = level1%(3600*1000);// The number of milliseconds left after taking the hour  
 var minutes = Math.floor(level2/(60*1000));// Take minutes  
 var level3 = level2%(60*1000);// The number of milliseconds left after taking minutes  
 var seconds = Math.floor(level3/1000);// Take seconds  
 // Define an object  
 var tim = {}; 
 // Assignment  
 tim['d'] = days; 
 tim['h'] = hours; 
 tim['m'] = minutes; 
 tim['s'] = seconds; 
 return tim; // Return data  
 <div> Distance <span id="timSpan"></span> And  <span id="gap"></span></div> 

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