How to add jquery code prompt in myeclipse

  • 2020-03-30 03:07:56
  • OfStack

1. Add jquery code prompt function in myeclipse (spket is a plug-in to write JS)

1. Open myeclips-windows-preference, find "spket", and click "javaScript Profiles".

2. Click "New" to enter "jquery", and then click "Add library" to select "jquery".

3. Click "Add files", Add jquery. Js to it, and set jquery to "default".

Note: after setting the above, if you want your project files to have a default IDE of spket, you need to do the following:

Type "myceclipse-windows-preferences-general-editors-fileassociations" to find "*.js ", and then click" spket JavaScript Editor", and then click "defalut". After setting this, you set the default IDE for all js files to the previous spket. Now set all JS files to "spket JavaScript Editor", i.e., set JS files to jquery.

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