js: A simple example of converting a picture connection to base64 format

  • 2021-07-09 07:13:36
  • OfStack

We write the contents of the image file directly into the HTML file, which has the advantage of saving 1 HTTP request. The downside is that browsers don't cache such images. Now we provide an js:

function convertImgToBase64(url, callback, outputFormat){
  var canvas = document.createElement('CANVAS'),
    ctx = canvas.getContext('2d'),
    img = new Image;
  img.crossOrigin = 'Anonymous';
  img.onload = function(){
    canvas.height = img.height;
    canvas.width = img.width;
    var dataURL = canvas.toDataURL(outputFormat || 'image/png');
    callback.call(this, dataURL);
    canvas = null; 
  img.src = url;

convertImgToBase64('http://bit.ly/18g0VNp', function(base64Img){
  // Base64DataURL

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