jQuery Dialog Plug in ArtDialog Close When Double clicking Mask Layer

  • 2021-07-09 06:44:50
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This article illustrates how the jQuery dialog plug-in ArtDialog closes when the mask layer is double-clicked. Share it for your reference, as follows:

As we all know, ArtDialog is a very good, lightweight, dialog plug-in based on jQuery, which is highly sought after by everyone. Everyone can download it at the address below 1:


As of September 17, 2014, there have been several major versions of v 4.1. 7, v 5.0. 4 and v 6.0. 2, of which version 4. x supports iframe, and later versions have removed this 1 function. See the previous download address description for details.

But in this plug-in, if we double-click the mask layer, the dialog box will automatically close at this time, so how to solve this problem? Please see the following instructions (here I take v version 4.1. 7 as an example):

1. Open the file artDialog. source. js, roughly at line 1404 (or look for the keyword "dblclick"):

lockMask.bind('click', function () {
}).bind('dblclick', function () {

2. Modify the above code as follows:

lockMask.bind('click', function () {
}).bind('dblclick', function () {
  // Primitive 
  //quber Mask double-clicking on the mask to close the dialog box 
  if (config.dblclick_hide) {

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I hope this article is helpful to everyone's jQuery programming.

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