Learn JS from zero in a few books you need to know

  • 2020-03-30 02:59:03
  • OfStack


JavaScript advanced programming : a very complete classic introductory book, known as one of the JavaScript bible, detailed very detailed, the latest version of the third edition has been released, recommended to buy.
JavaScript is the return of the king, written by a Web development project manager at baidu, is also a good introductory tutorial for beginners.

Intermediate reading:

The definitive guide to JavaScript : another JavaScript bible, explain is also very detailed, belongs to the intermediate reading, recommended to buy.
The JavaScript. The. Good. Parts" : by Douglas Crockford, Yahoo! Reading is highly recommended.
High-performance JavaScript advanced JavaScript programming Another great book by Nicholas c. Zakas.
Eloquent JavaScript: at just over 200 pages, this short book introduces you to all aspects of JavaScript and how to use it, with a few classic examples (aunt Emily's cat, the tragic hermit, the mock biosphere, the push box game, etc.).

Advanced reading:

The JavaScript Patterns, : the book introduces classic patterns such as constructors, singletons, factories, and so on.
. The Pro. JavaScript. The Design Patterns, Apress: a great book on JavaScript design patterns.
Developing JavaScript Web Applications : a good book for building rich applications, with some in-depth explanation of the MVC pattern, as well as some flow libraries.
Developing Large Web Applications : not only the introduction of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, but the introduction of the content is very good, really considered a large Web program, how to carry out JavaScript architecture design, it is worth reading.
To be a good front-end engineer, we still need to work hard: High performance website construction guide, Yahoo engineers' recommendations for website performance optimization, YSLOW recommendations for performance optimization, website refactoring, agile approach to Web development , "jQuery library", "front-end framework", "HTML5", "CSS3"... This all needs to be studied in depth!

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