Solution to the problem that setTimeout of in JS cannot call function with parameters

  • 2021-06-29 09:39:46
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This paper gives an example of how setTimeout() in JS can't call a function with parameters.Share it for your reference, as follows:

Solution: Override the setTimeout() method, closure functions are required.The following:

var _st = window.setTimeout;
window.setTimeout = function(fRef, mDelay){
 if (typeof fRef == 'function') {
  var argu =, 2);
  var f = function(){
    fRef.apply(null, argu);
  return _st(f, mDelay);
 return _st(fRef, mDelay);

With this override, when calling a parameterized function with setTimeout(), you can use the following form:


fun is the by function;10 is the call cycle in milliseconds;param is a parameter to the fun function.

Another, simpler method:

function moveing(id,target_x,target_y,t){
 var ele = document.getElementById(id);
 //alert("divObject: "+ele)
 var xpos = parseInt(;
 var ypos = parseInt(;
 if(xpos < target_x){
 if(ypos < target_y ){
 } = xpos + "px"; = ypos + "px";
// The recursively called function itself, spelled as a string, notice that 1 Quotes for parameters 
 var repeat ="moveing('"+id+"',"+target_x+","+target_y+","+t+")"; 
 var movment = setTimeout(repeat,t);

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I hope that the description in this paper will be helpful to everyone's JavaScript program design.

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