JQuery EasyUI date control how to control the date selection interval

  • 2020-03-30 02:51:54
  • OfStack

<tr><th> Launch start date </th> 

<td><input type="text" id="usLineTime" name="usLineTime" size="20" class='easyui-validatebox Wdate' 


value="<fmt:formatDate value="${product.usLineTime}" pattern ="yyyy-MM-dd" />" required="true"/></td></tr> 

<tr><th> Closing date </th><td> 

<input type="text" id="ueLineTime" name="ueLineTime" size="20" class='easyui-validatebox Wdate' 


value="<fmt:formatDate value="${product.ueLineTime}" pattern ="yyyy-MM-dd" />" required="true"/> 


Note: ueLineTime is the current time and mainly controls the date control.

MaxDate is a maximum of the current date can only be selected, greater than the current date gray, can not be selected.

The principle of minDate is the same as above.

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