Find the a element application case by url

  • 2020-03-30 02:47:31
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An example of a previous project: when students were added, there was no class data. Need to automatically jump to the class presentation page.

Problem: students, classes, and so on are put into the iframe of the JSP. The student-managed button is in the menu bar on main.html.

Mian page menu

Class management:

Student management:

The JSPS in the iframe are constantly changing.


In the student management JSP, find the class management of the parent form by id. A> TAB and click


Later the menu bar changed to dynamic, the menu id is dynamic.

What you want is to get by url. A> , and click.
<a id="folder_14" onClick="changeContent('classManager/',this);" onFocus="this.blur()" href="javascript:void(0);" target="mainFrame"> Class management </a> 

What you want to get is the changeContent(' url parameter ') for the onClick method

Directly look at the code:
// $(window.parent.document).find("a") ); 
$(window.parent.document).find("#OutFolder a").each(function (index, domEle) { 
//var s = $(domEle).attr("onclick")+""; 
//var start = s.indexOf ('classManager/'); 
var str = domEle.attributes.onclick.value;//Use js to get the value of the onclick property and search the url
var start = str.indexOf ('classManager/'); 

Summary: I have been using jquery to find a way to get the onclick property, use indexOf to always report errors, plus "" space into a string

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