IE6 has terminated the operation of the problem in 2 cases and resolve

  • 2020-03-30 02:43:07
  • OfStack

The cringe-worthy IE6 problem appears again, and when a page is opened, a box pops up saying "Internet Explorer cannot open Internet site... The operation has been terminated ". After checking the data, it seems reasonable to say that "because js (a more complex js) is written in the body, the call has problems before the body element is loaded".

After some fighting, using the elimination method to solve the problem, a total of two cases found.

Reason: the same JS file, has been introduced twice.

Solution: remove one.

The reason: in the body directly calls the JS file method.

Solution: with the onload or jquery. Ready event, execute the JS method after the page is loaded.

Summary: the browser should be in the process of parsing JS, there is an error that makes it crash.

Warning yourself: the message "Internet Explorer can't open the Internet site" is very vague, but we should recognize that "there must be error code (bugs)", before the serious attitude to calm analysis, debugging, do not immediately blame the browser (IE6).

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