Jquery library or JS file under eclipse error reporting solution

  • 2020-03-30 02:40:55
  • OfStack

Since the introduction of jquery-1.7.1 in the project, there has been a red fork, although it will not affect the program function, but it looks very uncomfortable, and when the project code is submitted to the SVN server, there is a prompt, determined to get rid of the red fork. After searching on the Internet and finding no solution, I tried a variety of methods and found the following works:

1 right - click on the project and select property.

2 select Validation in the pop-up screen

3 click on the Settings of the JavaScript Syntax Validator on the right

4. Click Add Exclude Group in the pop-up window

5. Add jquery's js file to Exclude Group, click OK

Right-click on the project and click Validate

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