Introduction to the use of wildcards in jQuery selectors

  • 2020-03-30 02:24:56
  • OfStack

1. The selector
(1) wildcard:
$("input[id^='code']");//All input tags that start with code for the id attribute
$("input[id$='code']");//All input tags whose id attribute ends with code
$("input[id*='code']");//The id attribute contains all the input tags for the code

(2) selection by index
$("tbody tr:even"); //Select all tr tags with an even index
$("tbody tr:odd"); //Select all tr tags with an odd index

(3) get the input number of the node at the next level of the jqueryObj

(4) get all < under the child node of the tag class as main; A> The label
$(".main > a"); 

(5) select next to the label"div");//Gets a div immediately after the queryobj tag, and nextAll gets all

2. The filter
$("#code input:not([id^='code'])");//The id is the code tag that does not contain all input tags whose id begins with code

3. The event
//Handles keyboard operations on text boxes
var keyCode = event.which;//Gets the key value of the currently pressed keyboard, and the return key is 13

4. Utility functions
$('#someField').val($.trim($('#someField').val()));//Eliminate whitespace, syntax: $.trim(value)

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