Differences between LABjs RequireJS and SeaJS

  • 2020-03-30 02:13:15
  • OfStack

I. the core of LABjs is LAB (Loading and Blocking) : Loading refers to asynchronous parallel Loading, and Blocking refers to synchronous waiting for execution. LABjs implements both of these features with elegant syntax (script and wait), and the core value is performance optimization. LABjs is a file loader.

Ii. RequireJS and SeaJS are module loaders, advocating a modular development concept. The core value is to make the modular development of JavaScript more simple and natural. Module loaders can also be relegated to file loaders, so using RequireJS and SeaJS can also achieve performance optimization of LABjs.

Iii. RequireJS and SeaJS are both good module loaders, with the following differences:

I won't go into the details.

In short, SeaJS is more concise and elegant than RequireJS, from API to implementation. If RequireJS is the Prototype class library, then SeaJS is the jQuery class library.
Finally, a tribute to RequireJS! RequireJS and SeaJS are brothers, and working together to promote the idea of modular development is what matters most.

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