Install nodejs and upgrade under ubuntu

  • 2020-06-12 08:24:18
  • OfStack

Recently, I decided to take a look at nodejs and found that there is no online tutorial for installing and updating nodejs

First execute from the ubuntu command line:

apt-get install nodejs

Then we need to install npm, the version management tool for nodejs:

apt-get install nodejs

Then we use node - v version may have a look, if find version is low (as of this post is complete v0. 12.2), the website https: / / nodejs org download /, the page download Linux Binaries (. tar. gz) version of the package.

You can then replace this with the administrator permissions to the default installation directory of ES29en-ES30en.

Such as usr folder.

Perform node-ES37en again and you will find that the version has been updated.

Above is all the content that this article shares to everybody, hope everybody can like.

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