JQuery plug in jcarousellite parameters in Chinese

  • 2020-06-07 04:01:58
  • OfStack

Parameter description:

btnPrev string for 1 button, e.g. btnPrev: ".prev"

btnNext string the class name for the next button, e.g. btnPrev: ".prev"

btnGo array Custom scrolling position, similar to slide effect setting, with tabs, in order of array, button 1, button 2 N, as shown below,class named button 1 is the first button: [".1", ".2"]

Whether mouseWheel bool mouse slider can wheel control scroll up and down, optional: false,true, default false

auto int specifies how many seconds content automatically scrolls on a regular basis. The default is empty (null), which does not scroll, if set in milliseconds, such as 1000 per second

speed int Sliding speed, can try 800 1000 1500, set to 0 will delete effect

easing string buffering effect name, such as easing: "bounceout", requires easing pluin in jquery (buffering plug-in implementation), only for jq1.2

vertical bool Whether to scroll vertically, false,true, default false

Whether circular bool scrolls cyclically or not, the default is true. If it is false, scrolls to the last one will stop

visible int visible number, which can be decimal, such as 2.5 for 2.5 li

Where start int starts, the default is 0

scroll int the number of li per scroll

beforeStart func function to call back at the start of scrolling, you can pass in the object parameter beforeStart: function(a) {alert(" Start with :" + a)}

afterEnd func function to call back at the end of scrolling

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