JQuery UI after the introduction of Vs2008 no intelligent prompt problem solution

  • 2020-03-30 01:41:47
  • OfStack

Problem: after the two patches are installed in VS2008, the jQuery library will prompt intelligently after the jQuery-vsdoc file is introduced. However, if you add jquery-ui library, not only jquery-ui no smart tips, and the original jQuery library of smart tips are no information.

Error message:

Warning 1 error updating JScript IntelliSense: jquery-1.9.1-vsdoc.js: 'rootjQuery' not defined @ 47:8

See scenario: presumably jQuery- UI does not do intellisense prompts. So there is an undefined warning. I didn't study it in detail.


In the jQuery- UI directory to add an empty JS file, named jquery-ui-vsdoc.js. So each one of these is aware of the file. I don't think so.

< img SRC = "border = 0 / / files.jb51.net/file_images/article/201402/201402101120012.gif? 2014110112020 ">  

And that solves the problem.

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