Js is used to read the data returned from the server side of the dynamic website

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In HTML, js is used to read the data returned from the server side of the dynamic website for display

1. Js. HTML page

You need to introduce a js file that executes jquery
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> 
<TITLE> New Document </TITLE> 
<META NAME="Generator" CONTENT="EditPlus"> 
<META NAME="Author" CONTENT=""> 
<META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT=""> 
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT=""> 
<script src="jquery-1.8.2.min.js"></script> 


//Using the getJSON method to read the json data,
//Note: info.json can be a different type of file, as long as the data in it is of the json type

var html = ''; 
html += '<tr><td>'+item['name']+'</td>'+ 
//After method: inserts content after each matched element.

//Note: this can be either item. Address or item['address']
//Firefox reports a "syntax error" in the json file, which simply loads the data
//Ie chrome could not load the data
<input type="button" value=" Load the data " id="loaddata" /> 

<table id="infotable" > 
<tr id="title"><th> The name </th><th> gender </th><th> address </th><th> The home page </th></tr> 

Info. Json file

Application scenario:

Specific records that are read from the database on a regular basis are displayed on a static page. In order to reduce the pressure of database access, a specific number of records are taken out and stored in json. Page access links do not require a real-time request to the database.

At this point you can load the content from json into the HTML static as well.

The json saved by default must be a notepad, and then change the suffix to json. Notepad's default code is ANSI.

Solution: open the. Json file file - save as you can see the following encoding and select utf-8.

Here's another mistake:
Request json file to report 405 error, obviously the path is correct but still report an error.
Solution: modify the request mode to get request:

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