JQuery Trim to remove the string before and after the empty character implementation method

  • 2020-03-30 01:41:15
  • OfStack

If your project is using the jQuery framework, to remove the empty characters at the beginning and end of a string you would of course choose: jquery.trim (string). How to implement it without using jQuery? I've previously sent a snippet of code: Javascript to remove the left and right whitespace-trim () from the string, which is rough and requires a recursive operation. So a lot of people are unhappy with the quality of the code, including me.
Once in a while, I looked at the code of jQuery and found it very worthwhile for us to learn.

To see how it does this, the code has one sentence: use the regular method.

JavaScript Trim implementation code
The function trim (text) {
Replace (/^/s+|/s+$/g, "");

If you don't use jQuery or other frameworks in your project, you can Copy this code to use this feature. Trust the structure and quality of the code to your satisfaction.

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