Eclipse removes js of JavaScript validation errors

  • 2020-03-30 01:40:54
  • OfStack

The first step:
Remove eclipse's JS validation:
Windows - > Preference - > Java Script - > The Validator - > The Errors/Warnings - >
The check before Enable Javascript Sematic validation is removed;

The second step:
Right-click project -> The properties - > Builders remove the tick in front of the JavaScript Validator
If there is no JavaScript Validator in Builders. Then go to. Project file and modify the following:
Find the project directory and delete the following sections of the.project file in the project directory:
< BuildCommand>
< Name> Org. Eclipse. The WST. JSDT. Core. JavascriptValidator< / name>
< Arguments> < / arguments>
< / buildCommand>
And < Nature> Org. Eclipse. The WST. JSDT. Core. JsNature< / nature>
Note that modifying the.project file may require you to restart eclipse, or close the project in eclipse, and then reopen the project.

Step 3:
Copy the js file somewhere, then delete the error file from eclipse, the error disappears, and then take that
Five js files are copied in.

If all else fails, open the Problems view in Eclipse, select the relevant error, and follow the prompt to resolve it.

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