JS since the call anonymous function concrete implementation

  • 2020-03-30 01:40:42
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In js, a function is often defined as a temporary namespace in which variables are defined without polluting the global namespace (preventing local variables from colliding with global variables).
function mymodule(){ 
//Module code

It can be abbreviated as:
(function(){ //The mymodule() function is overwritten as an anonymous function expression
//Module code
}( )<span style="color:#ff0000;">)</span>; //Close the function definition and call it immediately


}<span style="color:#ff0000;">)</span>(); 

This method of defining anonymous functions and calling them immediately (from within) has become so common that it's starting to get a little confusing. The source code for jquery is written like this:
(function( window, undefined ) { 

//All the code for jquery
})( window ); 

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