JS create custom table concrete implementation

  • 2020-03-30 01:40:32
  • OfStack

function next() { 
//Get the table object
var oTable = document.getElementById("table1"); 
//Insert the tr
var oTr = oTable.insertRow(); 
//A row of tr inserts three TDS
var oTd1 = oTr.insertCell(); 
var oTd2 = oTr.insertCell(); 
var oTd3 = oTr.insertCell(); 
//Specify td content
oTd1.innerHTML = "@process_time Displays the time required to process a page "; 
oTd2.innerHTML = " No parameter setting required "; 
oTd3.innerHTML = " No parameter values need to be set "; 

The JSP:
<table style="width:700px;" id="table1"> 
<thead > 
 Parameters to describe  
 Include this parameter  
 The parameter value  

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