The jquery page scrolls down to the bottom to automatically load the collection of plug ins

  • 2020-03-30 01:36:37
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Many social networking sites use infinite scrolling to improve the user experience, automatically loading more content when you scroll to the bottom of the list without clicking. Here are 10 jQuery plugins with infinite scrolling:

1.   (link:

2.   (link:

Screw (scroll + view) is a jQuery plug-in that loads content when the user scrolls the page, and it is a plug-in that scrolls pages indefinitely.

3.   (link:

The Autobrowse jQuery Plugin automatically loads more content via Ajax as the user scrolls through the page, using the browser's built-in cache.

4.   (link:

The scrollExtend plug-in, which is used to automatically load content when a page scrolls to the bottom of the screen and append DOM elements to the bottom of the page, was originally intended to integrate with WordPress.

5.   (link:

With this plugin, users can visit your site without having to turn pages! It actually previews the contents of subsequent pages and adds them directly to the current page.

6.   (link:

This plugin helps to load more content of the page very quickly

7.   (link:

Triggered Infinite Scroll is a custom twitter-style trigger, but it is not automatic.

8.   (link:

9.   (link:

InfiniScroll was originally a jQuery plug-in for listing articles on blogs, but now it's more than that.

10.   (link:

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