Jquery adds examples of shortcuts to pages

  • 2020-03-30 01:36:29
  • OfStack

if(e.which == 37) {
alert(" On the left ");
if(e.which == 39) {
alert(" right ");

There is also a keypress event that is similar to the keydown event, but cannot be mixed. The difference between keydown and keypress is:

Keypress event can only be triggered by a character key, and keydown event can be triggered by any key, such as: f1-f12, direction key, etc. Keydown can only be used.

2 keydown returns the code of the keyboard, keypress returns the ASCII character, take character a as an example, keydown returns 65, and keypress returns 97.

If you want to detect Ctrl, Shift, and other key combinations to determine whether these objects are true: e.hiftkey, e.c.trlkey

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