Dynamically create an element createElement and delete an element

  • 2020-03-30 01:29:19
  • OfStack

<script language = "javascript" type = "text/javascript"> 
function test(){ 
//Create the element
var myElement = document.createElement("a");//A is the name of the HTML element tag that you want to create
//Add the necessary information to the created element
myElement.href = "http://www.baidu.com"; 
myElement.innerText = " Connect to baidu "; 
myElement.id = "id1"; 
//myElement.style.top = "300px"; 
//myElement.style.left = "500px"; 
//myElement.style.position = "absolute"; 
//Adds the created element to the body object
//Add the element to div
function test2(){ 
//Delete an element
//You can also get the parent of a new element through an attribute
<input type = "button" onclick = "test()" value = " Create a hyperlink dynamically "/> 
<input type = "button" onclick = "test2()" value = " Dynamically deletes added elements "/> 
<div id = "div1" style = "width:200px;height:300px;border:1px solid red"> 

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